About Us

Kaelin and Kyrah are young-married Christian influencers on a mission to be the salt and light of the world.Through their large network of social platforms, they share a positive and refreshing message to millions of youth every day. 
Kaelin and Kyrah began their journey together when they were in jr. high school. They met and dated for roughly three months before Kyrah called it quits with Kaelin. After years, Kaelin pursed Kyrah and they rekindled their relationship in high school. They became sweet hearts and attended every prom, formal, and homecoming dance together. She was the cheerleader and he was the tracklete. 
After graduating high school, Kaelin and Kyrah attended the same university. They both continued their sports careers at the Division-I collegiate level while balancing school and work. This is when they began documenting their growth journey. 
Kaelin and Kyrah started a Vlog channel to document the seasons they felt God was taking them through together. Although it was just for their own personal records, to their surprise, they found many youth related to the ups and downs the videos showed of young adulthood. Then the audience started growing.
With consistency, authenticity and the Grace of God, the Kaelin and Kyrah "family" has grown to over 2 million combined people in under a year. This multi-niche mass of people reaches from beauty and lifestyle, to travel and family-friendly gaming content. Shortly after, at young age of 19, they committed themselves in marriage to each other and began their new journey as husband and wife. Their story together is a testament to the faithfulness of Jesus. God has used them to prove that when He is in it, there is no limit.